Available August 2019

Mary J. Oliver’s decision to cast parts of the book as poems worked well and the cross-genre approach was an effective way of pulling together the disparate strands of a fragmented  life. I was reminded of Anne Stevenson’s 'Correspondences’.

Neil Astley, BloodAxe Books


'Jim Neat' is a striking, tough and haunting debut from Mary J. Oliver. A real rollercoaster.' 

Katrina Naomi, Poet

‘Mary J. Oliver’s style of writing is reminiscent of W.G. Sebold. The absence of Oliver’s father is made very present in the relationships that she found along her journey. It shows the therapeutic possibilities of tracing the uncertainty of memories which allow for the rewriting (righting) of the relationship with the absent parent.

Dr Salma Siddique, clinical anthropologist and psychotherapist

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